Maryland Society of Mayflower Descendants

All applications must be made to one of the state societies. This is the process for applying via the Maryland society. A successful applicant becomes a member of the Maryland Mayflower Society and of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

Who is Eligible to Join?

You may be eligible to join the Society of Mayflower Descendants if you can document your descent from one or more of the passengers on the Mayflower voyage of 1620 that terminated on the shores of New England at Plymouth. The following Mayflower passengers are known to have left proven descendants:

John Alden  ·   Bartholomew Allerton  ·   Isaac Allerton  ·   Mary (Norris) Allerton  ·   Mary Allerton
Remember Allerton  ·   Elinor Billington  ·   Francis Billington  ·   John Billington
William Bradford  ·   Love Brewster  ·   Mary Brewster  ·   William Brewster
Peter Browne  ·   James Chilton  ·   Mrs. James Chilton  ·   Mary Chilton
Francis Cooke  ·   John Cooke  ·   Edward Doty  ·   Francis Eaton
Samuel Eaton  ·   Sarah Eaton  ·   Moses Fletcher  ·   Edward Fuller
Mrs. Edward Fuller  ·   Samuel Fuller  ·   Samuel Fuller (son of Edmund)
Constance Hopkins  ·   Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins  ·   Giles Hopkins  ·   Stephen Hopkins
John Howland  ·   Richard More  ·   Priscilla Mullins  ·   William Mullins
Degory Priest  ·   Joseph Rogers  ·   Thomas Rogers  ·   Henry Samson
George Soule  ·   Myles Standish  ·   Elizabeth Tilley  ·   John Tilley
Joan (Hurst) Tilley  ·   Richard Warren  ·   Peregrine White  ·   Resolved White
Susanna White  ·   William White  ·   Edward Winslow

There are three kinds of formal membership available in the Maryland Society

1: Regular: a person at least 18 years old.  These members pay dues annually

2: Life member: any Maryland member in good standing may become a life member by payment of the appropriate dues. This is a one-time payment and varies with age.

3: Junior life members: Any child of a Maryland member in good standing who is also under the age of 18 may make an initial application as a junior life member by submitting a lineage.

The schedule of fees and dues may be found at Dues & Fees

There are two kinds of informal membership in the Maryland Society

  1. Junior members: children of members not wishing to be junior life members and who do not submit documentation of their lineage.  See Junior Membership.
  2. Friends of the Maryland Mayflower Society: persons who are interested in supporting the goals of the Society but who are not eligible to join. See Friends Membership.

There is a one-time payment for both forms of informal association See Dues & Fees.

The application process for Regular and Junior Life memberships is as follows:

Step 1:

Please visit our website and navigate to Application Process. There you will find a Preliminary Review Worksheet. This is an outline of your proposed line of descent from one of the Mayflower passengers. Please complete the form and return it to us with the appropriate application filing fee – See Dues & Fees. We use this information to research your proposed line of descent. If that line passes this initial examination, we will send you a worksheet. This process takes about a week.

Step 2:

The worksheet is actually a draft of your application. It will be partially completed – generally at least through the first five generations. It reveals what we know about your proposed line of descent and shows you what additional information you need to provide us. We ask that you complete this worksheet within two years of its receipt. You may find detailed instructions on how to do your part at instructions and documentation. Additionally you may find information on resources you may find it helpful to use in the course of your research at Resources.

Step 3:

Once you have completed the worksheet and have returned it to us with two copies of the supporting documents, we will review it for completeness. This takes several weeks. Often, we will ask you for clarification on some points or for additional documentation. When the review process is complete, we will send you two copies of the final application for your signature. The returned copies must be accompanied by the filing fee of $75 for the General Society of Mayflower Descendants in Plymouth.

Step 4:

Once we have received the signed applications and the filing fee for Plymouth, we will send the application and its documentation to Plymouth for final review and hopefully approval. The review process in Plymouth takes at least four months.

Step 5:

If and when the application be approved in Plymouth, we will send you a copy of the approved application and a certificate of membership.