Membership Benefits

Membership in the Maryland Mayflower Society includes membership in the national society, the General Society of Mayflower Descendants and a subscription to its magazine, The Mayflower Quarterly. In addition, members of the Maryland Society receive its newsletter, The Maryland Mayflower Log, twice annually. The Maryland Society holds two dinner meetings annually for members and their guests.

In addition, if you join the Mayflower Society, you will be honoring the memory of those forefathers who helped set the pattern for our great democracy, and you will enter into the fellowship of people who share a common history and ancestry in the passengers of the Mayflower. Through the programs of the Society, that common history can be made to come alive for you. And if you choose to personally participate in the Society’s programs (education of school-age children, for example), you can help make that history come alive for others.

By joining the Society of Mayflower Descendants, your genealogical record will be filed in a secure place, both with the Maryland Society and with the General Society in Plymouth, Massachusetts. With your records on file with the Society in this manner, it will be easier for your descendants to establish their genealogical lines. It will be an invaluable gift to your descendants to make your family heritage available to them in this way.